Instrumentation Services


Testing, calibration and measurement technology of test and measuring equipment and systems;
With its established and accredited test facilities, TSI-Asia calibrates and test numerous type of instrument families, ranging from low-end measuring instruments to high-end sophisticated instruments used in the video/audio, telecommunications, defence electronics, aviation / aerospace, electronic manufacturing (semiconductor, PCBA, hard disk, consumer, . . . . . .) , marine, oil, petrochemicals, hospitals, pharmaceutical and other electronics support industries.

Turnkey design and development of measurement technology solutions;
TSI-Asia provides turnkey design and development of test and measurement solution to meet specific requirement of the customers in their testing and measuring environment. The solution delivered to the customer ranges from an initial feasibility study of a test and measuring application to a complete setup of test bench or systems.

Consulting and skill training in measurement technology
Consulting and training in quality and skills related to measurement technology are provided to our customers as value-adding services. Consulting and training in quality management, test laboratory management and specific measurement skills training have been engaged by our customers to enhance their services and products. TSI-Asia also services as the customer’s outside knowledge resource for measurement instrumentation.

Equipment and System Refurbishment
Contract Equipment and System Refurbishment services could be engaged by our customers. The service provided includes refurbishment, re-marketing and disposal of used equipment and systems.

Equipment Asset Management
Partnering agreements could be established with our customers to manage their test equipment asset.