We are your One-Stop Calibration Service Centre

  • Served more than 13,000 different Brands and Models of Test & Measuring Equipment/System.
  • A Fully Computerised Management System.
  • Complimentary Local Collection and Delivery Service.
  • Complimentary Monthly Calibration Recall Notice.
  • Complimentary Equipment Activity Report.
  • Service Scheduling and Planning.
  • Large fleet of Productive Equipment.
  • Extensive Collection of Technical Documentation (Calibration Procedures and Technical Manuals).
  • Archiving System for Customers’ past calibration report/maintenance record.
  • Quality Validation and Monitoring of All Subcontractors.

Major Industries Served

With our established and accredited test facilities, we calibrate and test numerous types of instrument families, ranging from low-end measuring instruments to high-end sophisticated instruments. See all

  • Aerospace & Aviation

  • Automotive Industry

  • Calibration & Testing

  • Healthcare

  • Defense Industry

  • Test & Measuring
    Equipment Manufacturer

  • Marine, Offshore, Oil and Petrolchemical Industry

  • Semiconductor Industry